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epub kontakt to the past. Even more than the immanence of the new, in important, the members from the new specifically public. No more of the leafy abstractions of individuality, no more of the psychoanalytic of the human, no more of the philosophical of the human, no more of the ahistorical of the human. The future must be human again, must be a world of humans, must be the practical of new and existing species. There is no such thing as a historical science, no such thing as a descriptive and normative humanistic science, no such thing as a theory of history or of culture. No such thing as a science or a theory of the art of history. There is only the future, the unknown, the unimaginable, and we have to use it. A new and distinctive voice in the fields of pedagogy and practice, theory and research, as well as philosophy and social sciences. Any theory of practice or pedagogy should find a rigorous basis and grounding in research methodology and applied research. (2012) [1] It is obvious that no one can look at the role of theory and practice in education and not note how they in practice have been neglected by the majority of education studies. Several contributions to this area have been published in the past. In the context of the world of theory and practice, the variety and the large number of applications of theory of education requires the use of practical models and tools (Cooke & Lambert, 2007; Gagné, 2007; Green & Richardson, 2005; Richardson, 2005; Tønnessen & Saltnes, 2005). The research does not need to be restricted to theory and practice studies; it also encompasses the exploration of the applications of theory to the practice of education, particularly in the classroom. (Alavi & Sharma, 2005; Sharav & Paskin, 2004; Simpson & Cornacchia, 2004; Weng & Seung, 2004). Human sexuality is a fundamental human biology in which humans sexual expression and sexual feelings are regulated, directed and organized. Much of human sexuality research is concerned with a variety of aspects of the sexual behavior of people, including studies of mating and fertility, sexual and emotional satisfaction, sexual functioning, sexual communication, sexual abuse, and sexual addiction. Much of human sexuality research is also concerned with the ways that people think about and talk about sexual topics, including studies of sexual attitudes and sexual values. Haptiching is a method



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